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Our Motivation

Understanding Why MAP Matters

True to our mission, MAP is actively removing barriers to care by providing and facilitating education and training opportunities for healthcare providers throughout the Midwest. Here are just a few of the reasons why our training programs are necessary:

Limited Access

94% of all Midwest counties have no identifiable abortion provider. 

Nationwide, the shortage of providers is one of the greatest barriers women face in accessing abortion and other reproductive health services. In 2008, approximately 87% of counties in the U.S. did not have an abortion provider (Jones & Kooistra, 2011).In the Midwest, a startling 94% of all counties—home to 52% of U.S. women of reproductive age—did not have provider access.

Learn more about limited access to abortion in the United States at

Insufficient Training

Fewer than 50 of the 130 accredited U.S. medical schools offer abortion training.

Unfortunately, many medical schools, nursing schools and other formal training programs throughout the country do not provide adequate education in reproductive health. Opportunities for medical providers to receive training in abortion and other reproductive health services are often limited to residents in obstetrician-gynecologist programs and often require the hospital to apply for special funding. This can leave nurses, advance practice clinicians, and primary care physicians—who often serve as sole healthcare providers in underserved communities—without adequate reproductive healthcare training.

Learn more about the obstacles medical students and practicing physicians encounter while seeking training for abortion care at

Our Research

90% of family medicine residents surveyed expressed interest in miscarriage management, while only 55% reported their program offered such training.

Students and practitioners in the field recognize the need for comprehensive reproductive healthcare training. A 2007 survey conducted by MAP of the 27 family medicine residency programs in Illinois revealed that a majority of the residents surveyed desire training in skills such as pregnancy options counseling and miscarriage management, but their programs did not offer such training. Likewise, training opportunities for practicing clinicians are lacking in the Midwest, often requiring them to travel long distances to gain the skills they need.

MAP Survey Results

+  90% of family medicine residents indicated an interest in miscarriage management, while only 55% reported that such training was available in their program
81% of family medicine residents expressed interest in pregnancy options counseling training, while only 56% reported such training available in their program
+  35% of family residents expressed interest in early abortion training, while only 14% reported such training available in their program

Get the facts on abortion in the United States from Guttmacher Institute.


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