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Provider & Community Education

MAP’s Provider & Community Education program offers lectures and workshops on reproductive and sexual healthcare, as well as presentations on the importance of training healthcare professionals to provide reproductive health services. MAP educates medical residents and students, advanced practice clinicians, health care providers and community groups. Lectures and workshops are presented at medical schools, nursing schools, clinical sites, national and local conferences, and local community events.

To request a MAP speaker, please write to with “Request a Speaker” in the subject line. Please include logistical information about the event itself and the topic you are interested in learning more about.

To become a member of MAP’s Speakers Bureau, please write to with “Speakers Bureau” in the subject line. Please include your contact information, your area of expertise, your past experiences training/presenting, and why you are interested in joining MAP’s Speakers Bureau.

If you have questions about MAP Provider & Community Education, please call us 773.944.0594.


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