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Trainee Testimonials

Here are just a few examples of what Midwest Access Project trainees have to say after experiencing our Individual Clinical Training program:

“During my rotation I saw so many situations I’d never seen before and think I really developed more skills to help me be a more compassionate health care provider.”

“Fabulous teacher and wonderful mentor. I learned a great deal about women’s health and would recommend this program to anyone in a heartbeat!”

“Not only did I learn and improve in my procedural techniques, but the doctors also stressed the importance of empathy toward their patients, which was phenomenal to see.”

“MAP did a tremendous job of creating a rotation that allowed me to experience aspects of reproductive health that I never imagined I’d have access to. None of my classmates who have done the  [Reproductive Health Education]  elsewhere have had such an incredible depth of experiences. [MAP]’s an embarrassment of riches.”

“My three specific training goals (pregnancy options counseling, medication abortion, and 1st trimester aspiration abortion) were met. I received excellent training in all these areas. MAP scheduled one or more days exclusive to each of these topics.”

“I just finished my rotation with MAP. I am a third year family medicine resident. It was a great experience. I came to appreciate first-hand how the discontinuity of care that women face when seeking reproductive health makes their lives more stressful and impedes access to contraception. I learned procedural skills that I enjoy. It gave me a perspective to think very concretely about what I want to do when I graduate, what kind of clinic do I want to practice in and what kind of patients do I want to serve.”


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