Provider and Community Education

MAP’s Provider & Community Education program offers workshops and didactic sessions to increase knowledge and skills about comprehensive reproductive health care. The program introduces audiences to new information, clinical skills, and hands-on experiences that spark interest for participants starting clinical careers and create future advocates for reproductive health care.

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MAP’s Provider & Community Education educates medical residents and students, advanced practice clinicians, health care providers and community groups. Lectures and workshops are presented at medical schools, nursing schools, clinical sites, national and local conferences, and local community events.  Examples of workshop topics include:

patient-centered, all options pregnancy counseling for adults and adolescents

insertion and removal of Long-acting Reversible Contraceptive (LARC) devices

gender affirming reproductive health care

using telehealth care models in reproductive health

counseling youth and youth advocates about the Illinois Parental Notice of Abortion Act

regional disparities in abortion care and the impact on patients and providers

office based management of early pregnancy loss

medication abortion

introduction to abortion care

Upcoming Workshops

Introduction to No-Scalpel Vasectomy

featuring Dr. Grace Shih, assisted by Dr. Christie Miles

Monday / June 14, 2021 / 6 – 8  pm CST

About the workshop / This online interactive workshop will cover patient screening, counseling, preparation for vasectomy, procedure techniques, and post-operative care.  The workshop will include a hands on simulation activity and participants will receive a vasectomy kit prior to the event, which will include gauze, tubing, and vasectomy forceps. 

Workshop participants / This workshop is open to OB GYN and Family Medicine residents. Registration requires your program name, program year, and mailing address.  MAP will order and ship the kit to you, so please register only if you are confident you can participate.

Our presenters / Dr. Grace Shih is an Associate Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at University of Washington. She completed her medical degree at University of Florida, her family medicine residency at Brown University, and her Family Planning Fellowship at University of California, San Francisco. She has a clinical practice where she provides outpatient family medicine and obstetrics. Her particular areas of clinical interest include family planning, transgender care, and women’s health. Outside of work she likes to travel (pre-COVID, now she plans imaginary trips), play piano/guitar, and cook with her kids. Dr. Shih will be assisted by Dr. Christie Miles.

* This workshop is full and registration has been closed. Registrants will receive Zoom instructions prior to the workshop. Thank you for your interest.*

Recent Workshops

Miscarriage Management

featuring Kristie Monast, M.Ed. (she/her)

This session covered the basics of miscarriage management including statistics of early pregnancy loss (EPL), terminology, types of procedures used for miscarriage management, and how to support patients through EPL.  This workshop is best suited for new learners or those new to the topic of miscarriage management. About the presenter: Kristie Monast is a long-time member of the Midwest Access Project family, having previously served as MAP’s Executive Director and Program Director and now an educator in our speaker’s bureau. Kristie began her career as a medical technologist and after earning a Master of Science in Human Sexuality Education from the University of Pennsylvania has continuously worked with the intersection of sexuality education and health care provision. Her experiences include training medical assistants, managing a Planned Parenthood clinic, coordinating a clinical based program for adolescent parents, and with Midwest Access Project overseeing the reproductive health clinical training rotations of over 200 clinicians. Kristie started KM Consulting & Training in 2020 to carry out her dream job of making comprehensive sexuality education and quality sexual and reproductive healthcare available and accessible for everyone.

Contraception Options Counseling for Adolescent Patients

featuring Dr. Rebekah Fenton (she/her) and Dr. Virginia Byron (she/her) 

This online workshop discussed contraceptive options counseling for adolescent patient populations through a reproductive justice lens. The presention defined reproductive justice and the history of the movement, and applied that knowledge to present-day clinical interactions, ending with a question-and-answer portion.  This workshop is ideal for those working with or planning to work with adolescents. About the presenters: Drs. Rebekah Fenton and Virginia Byron are both board-certified pediatricians and adolescent health experts. Dr. Fenton is a second-year adolescent medicine fellow at Lurie Children’s of Chicago. Dr. Byron is an incoming first-year adolescent medicine fellow at Columbia University. 

Care For Every Body: Integrating Gender Inclusive Practices for the Benefit of All Clients”

featuring Ray Rachlin of Refuge Midwifery

MAP hosted this workshop in November 2020. MAP received close to 100 registrants from 7 countries, which speaks to the need for this important discussion. The presenter shared research showing that transgender, non-binary, and gender nonconforming patients are more likely to select a midwife for reproductive care. Thus, workshops like this are vital to our midwifery and advance practice clinician (APC) communities. Ray guided participants through common language trans people use to describe their gender and body parts, barriers to care for transgender people including discrimination in healthcare settings, specific open-ended questions to elicit necessary information without stigmatizing or judging the patient, and what to keep in mind while providing different areas of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) care including, STI testing and treatment, abortion, options counseling, and more. The biggest takeaway message was clear: patient-centered care is at the heart of quality healthcare, not only for trans patients, but for all patients. This looks like providers encouraging patients to make informed decisions and be active in their own care.

Patient Centered Options Counseling”

featuring Amaryllis Hagar, Nurse Practitioner and Midwife

MAP hosted this workshop in December 2020. All options counseling is a key component to abortion care. This introductory workshop covered pregnancy options, information on contraceptive methods and guidelines for contraceptive use, and inclusive, accessible, patient-centered counseling skills. Amaryllis Hager (she/her) believes passionately that all people deserve unbiased and evidence-based reproductive health care in an environment that feels safe. Through the philosophy of shared and informed decision-making, reproductive justice and trauma-informed care, Amaryllis partners with her patients to provide judgment-free, personalized, patient-centered care, without her own agenda. Amaryllis identifies as queer and is committed to serving the LGBTQI+ and gender diverse community, including provision of gender-affirming hormones and reducing barriers to care. Her care is sex-positive, empowering, kink and poly-friendly, fat-positive, free of assumptions and supports harm reduction. 

Contraception and Abortion Care”

featuring MAP Training Alum Dr. Tabatha Wells

In February 2021, Dr. Wells presented this workshop for the American Medical Student Association’s (AMSA) Sexual Health Leadership Course. The workshop discussed ontraceptive methods, abortion care, and patient-centered counseling for both contraception and pregnancy options. Dr. Wells led AMSA’s large group of students through an interactive discussion about the content and practice the skills taught throughout the 2-hour online workshop.

Person-Centered All Options Pregnancy Counseling for Adults and Youth”

featuring MAP Program Director Ren Grabert, M.Ed.

In conjunction with EverThrive Illinois, MAP’s Program Director Ren Grabert trained team members of local school based health centers on person-centered, all options pregnancy counseling. This online workshop is a follow-up to a patient-centered contraceptive counseling training provided to the same group in 2019. The workshop covered adoption, abortion, and carrying to term, preliminary calculation of gestational age, and legal and logistical considerations, especially for adolescents. The group completed a values clarification activity to help attendees better understand their personal values around pregnancy options and how to navigate their values when offering patient-centered counseling.

Insertion and Removal of Long-Acting Reversible Contraception”

featuring MAP Speakers Bureau Member Rachel Newhouse, CNM

In partnership with EverThrive Illinois, Rachel Newhouse, CNM provided an in-depth training in February 2021 for team members of local school based health centers on Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs), such as IUDs and contraceptive implants, and their insertion and removal procedures. Topics included the types of LARCs available, how LARCs work, pros and cons of choosing LARCs, patient-centered LARC counseling, and step by step instruction of insertion and removal procedures.

Participant Testimonials

“Very informative workshop. I learned new things today about counseling adolescents in contraception. Thank you”

I was especially excited to attend this training when I heard [who the speaker was.] She is by far the best provider I have ever had in my life and one of the most compassionate and knowledgeable colleagues. Thank you for putting on this training!