Movement Allies

Midwest Access Project is allied with groups dedicated to expanding access to full scope reproductive health care through advocacy, research, and services.

Featured Allies in the Movement

Cedar River Clinics has released the Pregnancy Options Workbook to provide patient-centered information, resources, and support for pregnant people. “If you’re here, you are probably pregnant and not sure what to do. You’re in the right place. Read on. The people who put together this workbook support you no matter what you choose. We have done our best to give you a realistic picture of all the choices you can make—abortion, adoption, and parenting. You will find exercises to help you make the best decision for you.” – Excerpt from workbook


Renegade Feminist dives into Minnesota politics, bringing in local experts to answer questions about how the process of democracy works. Renegade Feminist focuses on making local politics accessible and breaking down the information barrier that keeps many of us out.  Click the icon below to hear a conversation with Dr. Julie Amaon, the Medical Director at Just The Pill, a non-profit that’s helping to increase access to reproductive healthcare and abortions across Minnesota…and they’re a new clinical training partner of Midwest Access Project!