Take action on issues critical to abortion access, reproductive justice, and clinical training.     

Ask your legislator to repeal Illinois’ “Parental Notice of Abortion” Law. Vote yes on HB 1797.

Healthy family communication cannot be legislated. We all want young people to be able to talk to their parents about important life decisions. However, the idea that the government can force healthy family interactions ignores reality for many youth and the lasting injuries that result from enforcing these laws.

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  • Read the research article about the impact Parental Notice has on Illinois youth.
  • Download and share the Chicago Sun-Times Feb 2021 Editorial and the bill’s fact sheet.
  • Check out #repealpna on Twitter and share the message: Forced parental notice of abortion can and does put Illinois young people in harm’s way. Safe, affirmed, and healthy youth means access to health care, support and resources – not judges, barriers and delays. Join us in saying: Trust Youth.
  • Find your legislator’s contact information and then sign up to contact legislators about the campaign.
  • Visit to learn more.


Tell your US Congress person to support the Women’s Health Protection Act

The WHPA would protect the right to access abortion care by creating a safeguard against bans and medically unnecessary restrictions that apply to no similar medical care. These harmful restrictions are threatening to eliminate access to abortion care in large swaths of the country, and prevent people from making personal decisions about their health, their lives, and their futures.

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