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Support Black Maternal Health! Improve access to doula care in Illinois.

Parents deserve access to quality services that keep them and their children healthy. Too many families in Illinois, particularly families of color, do not receive the types of early care and education interventions proven to support successful births and proper child development. House Bill 4 along with House Amendment 2 would expand Illinois’ Medicaid program to cover doula care and home visiting services.

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Tell your legislator to repeal Illinois’ “Parental Notice of Abortion” Law

Healthy family communication cannot be legislated. We all want young people to be able to talk to their parents about important life decisions. However, the idea that the government can force healthy family interactions ignores reality for many youth and the lasting injuries that result from enforcing these laws.

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  • Download the fact sheet.
  • Check out #stoppna on Twitter and share the message: Forced parental notice of abortion can and does put Illinois young people in harm’s way. Safe, affirmed, and healthy youth means access to health care, support and resources – not judges, barriers and delays. Join us in saying: Trust Youth.
  • Find your legislator’s contact information and then call them to ask for a yes vote on repeal. 
  • Visit to learn more.


MAP joined forces with 30 allied groups to rally downtown!

The US Supreme Court has taken up a case from Louisiana called June Medical Services v. Russo and will consider a state law designed to shut down abortion clinics.  This is a serious development because a pre-Kavanaugh US Supreme Court already found another state’s nearly identical version of this law unconstitutional. 

From the Organizers “Chicago For Abortion Rights” Coalition:

“A big note of gratitude to all organizations who endorsed and participated in yesterday’s abortion rights press conference and rally.  We were a diverse and united show of force.  Approximately 80-100 of us gathered at Federal Plaza before nearly every major TV news station, and newspaper reporters, to present our oral arguments for keeping abortion safe and legal, and extending access to all.  While the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments on the Louisiana law poised to take away our rights, we did what we’ve always done to exercise our collective power, united in action to defend and extend our rights.  Every speaker spoke to some aspect of defending the right to choose, as well as removing all restrictions on abortion, and demanding access for all.  We vowed to continue raising our voices, including when the decision comes down later this spring.”
Take Action!
  • Commit to attend an Emergency Response rally the day the US Supreme Court announces its decision, at 5:30 pm in  front of the federal court, 219 S Dearborn Avenue.
  • Check out #ChiMyRightMyDecision on Twitter and share the messages.
  • Read more about June Medical Services v Russo to learn what’s at stake.