Donate Through ActBlue

WHAT IS ActBlue?

ActBlue is a nonprofit organization that builds tech and infrastructure for progressive-aligned causes like Midwest Access Project, and connects them with people trying to make an impact in order to fuel long-term, people-powered change. When you donate to your favorite group through ActBlue, the money goes directly to that group. You can make a donation through your existing ActBlue account. Learn more about ActBlue donations here.

What if I don’t have an ActBlue account? Can I still donate to MAP? Yes, you can. Visit MAP’s ActBlue supporter page and donate today.  ActBlue will pass along a 3.95% processing fee to MAP. Completing a contribution involves costs related to processing your credit card. 

How can ActBlue help me fundraise for Midwest Access Project?
Supporters who want to fundraise for MAP can create a community form, which is a fundraising page you make and then share with friends and family to raise money for groups you love. Learn how to get started with community forms here.