Midwest Access Project  envisions a society in which every person has access to comprehensive, high quality, patient-centered sexual and reproductive health care in their community.

Over 1/3 of all ob-gyn training programs do not offer routine abortion training.

Fewer than 10% of family medicine residency programs offer routine training in first trimester abortion.

A 2015 review found that more than 40% of ob/gyn and family medicine residencies in Illinois were housed in religiously restrictive hospitals.

A May 2018 study found that the Midwest had the fewest number of abortion clinics based on the population of women of childbearing age.

What good is the legal right to abortion care without access to trained providers?

Putting professionally trained reproductive healthcare providers on the MAP since 2007.

Our mission is to improve access to comprehensive reproductive health care by training providers in abortion, miscarriage care, contraception, and pregnancy options counseling.

Rooted in the Midwest, MAP’s innovative training model fills gaps nationwide in medical education and clinical training.


My training with Midwest Access Project solidified my decision to become an abortion provider—and a reproductive justice champion. If it wasn’t for the training and the connections I made as a result, I never would have become so involved.


-MAP clinical training alum

In the Media

  • After the Dobbs decision, some US medical students head abroad for abortion training. STAT+  takes a closer look at the impact of overturning Roe v Wade on medical education in abortion. Experts warn rates of maternal mortality are going to rise as more doctors are under-trained in reproductive health.  Read the story.
  • Illinois abortion providers including MAP clinical training partners Hope Clinic, Carafem, and Planned Parenthood IL discuss their preparations for an enormous spike in demand for care from around the region. Read the New York Times feature article.
  • MAP training alum talks with TIME Magazine about the impact on patients seeking abortion care after abortion training is even less accessible. And MAP co-founder and board member Dr. Debra Stulberg shares more about those seeking out clinical training from MAP. Read the story.
  • Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is withholding $3.5 million that state legislators passed to fund clinical training in abortion. The funds were “a part of the state’s biggest expansion of abortion access in three decades.” Read the story.
  • MAP Alum Dr. Alison Case is featured in a Ms. Magazine series on telemedicine abortion providers around the country, where she discusses limited access to abortion care and clinical training.  Dr. Case also spoke to the media at an Indiana protest following the leaked draft opinion overruling Roe v Wade.  “People should not feel like they can’t get services,” Case said.
  • Becoming an abortion provider is filled with barriers, too.  Physicians, students and residents speak out about the barriers they overcame to get trained in abortion care.  Read More.
  • Why are so many medical students using papayas to get trained in abortion care? Students around the country share the barriers they faced trying to get abortion training. Read more about the extraordinary work to bring training to them. Read More.

Community Events

  • Monday / August 1 / Midwest Access Project launched its #MAPMerch Campaign celebrating abortion providers – folks all around the country who continue to care for their communities with courage and compassion despite all the heartbreaking challenges this country keeps serving up. Check out MAP’s merch selection, wear your love of abortion providers, and support MAP all at the same time!
  • Friday / November 11 / Applications for MAP’s Individual Clinical Training program are due. Learn more about the program and access the link to complete the application through MAP’s secure online platform.
  • Monday / November 28 / MAP is hosting an online vasectomy training for MAP Clinical Training Alum facilitated by Dr. Grace Shih. 
  • Thursday / December 1 / SAVE THE DATE.  The creative team behind the Resistance is Fertile Feminist Variety Show that benefitted MAP is working on a chapbook of the stories performed at the event. The chapbook will be released December 1 at a KARAOKE-themed party at Marz Brewing. All proceeds from the chapbooks sales will benefit MAP.


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