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JOIN US: Saturday, Oct. 5th | Reproductive Health Networking Event in Milwaukee, WI

JOIN US: Saturday, Oct. 5th | Reproductive Health Networking Event in Milwaukee, WI

Are you a reproductive health provider?

Are you interested in integrating reproductive healthcare into your practice?

Want to learn more about receiving or providing reproductive healthcare training?

Join us October 5th to discuss current trends, build support, and network!

Mark your calendars: Saturday, October 5th from 7:00 to 9:00pm, medical students, residents, and faculty from 12 Midwest states will gather around family medicine and primary care topics at the 2nd Annual Family Medicine Midwest Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

That evening, the Midwest Access Project and the Reproductive Health Access Project are co-hosting a networking event for reproductive health providers and allies. Be sure to mark your calendars because you’re all invited!

Desserts and beverages will be provided.

RSVP: To submit your RSVP and get more location details, email the Midwest Access Project by Monday, September 30th:  info@midwestaccessproject.org



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YOU’RE INVITED: Friday, Oct. 18th | MAP Presents AFTER TILLER Premiere Screening

Friday, Oct. 18th: The Midwest Access Project (MAP) presents the Music Box Theatre’s opening night of AFTER TILLER, an award-winning documentary on the controversial subject of third-trimester abortions and the four remaining providers who continued practicing in the wake of Dr. George Tiller’s 2009 assassination.

Tickets to Friday’s 7pm showing include access to a MAP-hosted post-screening panel discussion on the issue of providers in abortion care.

Tickets to this special screening are $10 and include the discussion. 
Purchase your tickets today! 

After Tiller (Clip) from ro*co films on Vimeo.

AFTER TILLER | 2013 | Directed by Martha Shane & Lana Wilson

AFTER TILLER intimately explores the highly controversial subject of third-trimester abortions in the wake of the 2009 assassination of practitioner Dr. George Tiller. The procedure is now performed by only four doctors in the United States, all former colleagues of Dr. Tiller, who risk their lives every day in the name of their unwavering commitment toward their patients.

Since the assassination of Dr. George Tiller in Kansas in May 2009, there are only four American doctors left who openly provide third-trimester abortions. AFTER TILLER paints a complex, compassionate portrait of these physicians—Dr. LeRoy Carhart, Dr. Warren Hern, Dr. Susan Robinson and Dr. Shelley Sella—who have become the new number-one targets of the anti-abortion movement, yet continue to risk their lives every day to do work that many believe is murder, but which they believe is profoundly important for their patients’ lives. The film weaves together revealing, in-depth interviews with the doctors with intimate vérité scenes from their lives and inside their clinics, where they counsel and care for their anxious, vulnerable patients at an important crossroads in their lives. By sharing the moving stories of several of these patients, AFTER TILLER illuminates the experiences of women who seek late abortions and the reasons why they do so.
For more information on the film and the people who made it possible, visit the official AFTER TILLER website: www.aftertillermovie.com
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Individual Clinical Training

Individual Clinical Training

The Midwest Access Project offers Individual Clinical Training using an innovative approach that addresses the clinical, legal, and public health aspects of reproductive health. Through a network of providers in and around Chicago, MAP works with medical students, residents, and practicing clinicians to provide comprehensive reproductive health training. MAP’s established training program can incorporate any of the following services: early aspiration abortion, medical abortion, pregnancy options counseling, pelvic contraception, ultrasound, and STI/HIV testing and care.

Learn more about MAP’s Individual Clinical Training.

APPLY NOW: Individual Clinical Training Form
Download and fill out the form linked above.
Email the PDF to info@midwestaccessproject.org as an attachment
with MAP ICT FORM in the subject line.


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Provider & Community Education

Provider & Community Education

The Midwest Access Project’s Provider & Community Education initiative offers education and didactic sessions on women’s reproductive healthcare to community groups, students, residents, advance practice clinicians, and providers in order to increase knowledge of comprehensive reproductive healthcare. Lectures and workshops on women’s health, civil rights and liberties, community health, and adolescent health and education are given at medical schools, national and local conferences, and local community events.

Learn more about MAP’s Provider & Community Education initiatives.


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Regional Collabortion

Regional Collabortion

The Midwest Access Project’s Regional Collaboration initiatives are designed to expand availability and access to reproductive health clinical training and education within the Midwest, through advocacy and networking of reproductive health trainers and educational organizations. MAP uses a newsletter to share knowledge and disseminate resources to healthcare providers, trainers, trainees, and community members. Subscribe to MAP Mail today!

Learn more about MAP’s Regional Collaboration initiatives.


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